Life Happens…

Surely as the ocean tides ebb and flow, life happens…..Just as you think you are headed in one direction, another path is found under your feet…..

I intended on homeschooling TigerBoy this year, but in October decided it was best to send him to school.  We live close to a wonderful and small school.  So close, in fact, that it is a 10 minute walk.  It was a decision that is hard to put into words, so I will not try.  However, it was what was needed……as in choosing the lesser of 2 evils…..And most importantly, TigerBoy is doing fabulously!

While I intended on getting this blog off the ground months ago, the rest of the year slipped by…..busy with school, swimming, taekwondo, gymnastics, Mandarin classes, holidays and travel………So ended 2013….

Time to dust off and try again…..


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