Welcome to Tiger Teaching……

I set up this blog as a way to document our journey in homeschooling.  As a child, I was often playing school, and the desire to homeschool my children was just something I always dreamed of doing.  I cannot even remember when or why I wanted to homeschool my future children.  It was not a common thing when I was a child.  The odd thing, I suppose, was that I always wanted to be a teacher…….However, I never wanted to teach in a traditional school setting.  I do not tend to think like most people, so maybe it is just me that is odd.  Ha…  I have studied music since I started piano as a child and knew in junior high that I wanted to pursue music.  True to form, for my undergraduate degree, I purposely avoided music education, since I knew I did not want to teach in the public schools.  As if majoring in music was not a hard enough career, I chose to head away from what could have been a solid job teaching music.  I am ever grateful to have  parents that supported my choices, in spite of the fact that they likely were often shaking their heads in disbelief.  This continues to be true today……

In any case, after completing my bachelor degree, I had decided to take some time off to figure out where I wanted to go to graduate school.  (I had the goal of going all the way to a PhD while I was still in high school, so heading to graduate school was just the natural direction in my mind.)  Well, in a whirlwind of the first week in September (after just completing my BA degree), I applied, was accepted and flew out to Boston for a masters program in music.  I grew up and was still living in WI, so as you can imagine, taking off suddenly to New England is rather sudden.

Fast forward to present time…..Through becoming a certified massage therapist and Reiki Master…..lots of private music teaching…..working for a private company…..working for the state…..completing another masters degree, Masters of Early Education……getting married and having 2 children…..and getting through an almost 2 year process of adopting a 3rd (my husband’s grand-nephew)……..I am still in New England.

Let’s meet the characters, shall we?

I’m Amy AKA TigerMommie and the cubs are TigerBoy, TigerGirl and the little Turtle…

TigerBoy is 7 and in First Grade this year.  He loves Star Wars and Legos and Angry Birds…….His favorite at the moment is Minecraft….He is a purple belt in Taekwondo.

TigerGirl is 3 and is in Preschool. She loves her baby dolls….Lego Friends….Hello Kitty, Minnie Mouse, Dora and Diego….Also loves her Gymnastics classes.

Thanks for joining us…….



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